Jaden Smith (Will Smith’s Corny Son) Jacks The Stuyvesants’ Beat

stoops cover Jaden Smith (Will Smiths Corny Son) Jacks The Stuyvesants Beat

Drama is stirring yet again in the hip-hop world today, as we discover Jaden Smith, Will Smith’s son, has apparently jacked a beat from the Stuyvesants. If you head over to RIK, you can listen to the original beat, which Jaden obviously is rapping over in the video below. There is no credit given to the original producer, Allan Cole, which leads us to believe they had no intentions of giving any props in the first place. We have seen situations like this countless times, making us wonder why rappers can’t just credit producers when they use their beats for mixtapes and new projects. We will see how this one unfolds, though, as this could be some decent exposure for the deserving Stuyvesant producer.