Issa Gold Releases A Pensive New Project, ‘Conversations With a Butterfly’

Issa Gold Releases A Pensive New Project, ‘Conversations With a Butterfly’


Issa Gold is a thoughtful soul, so it comes as no surprise that he decided to title his newly liberated solo effort Conversations With a Butterfly. The knowledge-seeking MC has sought out a sense of higher learning and deepened understanding of our universe’s workings since he first entered the scene as one half of The Underachievers. Whether awaking underlying mental states with the help of some potent drugs or reading one of the many books he regularly tweets about, Gold is serious about this stuff.

Today’s solo release largely sticks to this vein, as the above artwork might suggest; Issa dissects many aspects of life, frequently penning considerate and focused verses that make for an overall solid effort. Conversations includes eight songs; “Lions Can’t Fly” is the most recent single for the free project, which Gold released yesterday. Here’s the full tracklist:

1. “Aquinini” p. Rami.B
2. “Musical Chairs” p. Ion Quest
3. “Phalipacoin” p. Pat Banahan
4. “Lions Can’t Fly” p. Rami.B
5. “September 5” p. Rami.B
6. “Royalist” p. Nick Leone
7. “Lions Can Fly” p. Thundercat
8. “Pesadillas” p. Rami.B

Issa solely made this freEP available via an email download. So is Conversations With a Butterfly worth the multi-step, stream-less process? We’d have to say it is. Download the project here and listen to the latest single below.

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