Isaiah Toothtaker – “Midnight” P. Steel Tipped Dove [Video]

Isaiah Toothtaker – “Midnight” P. Steel Tipped Dove [Video]

As explained in an earlier post by Will Salzer, it’s hard to ignore the bad-assness of Isaiah Toothtaker. Recently, the two-time felon and tattoo parlor owner dropped a smooth project boldly titled, prepare yourself, Illmatic 2. Yes, Illmatic as in Nas’ debut project. While I wont get into explaining if this project lives up to the predecessor, it’s a great listen with a completely different feeling from the Arizona-based artist.

To shed some visual light on the record, Isaiah took time off his tattooing schedule to film a video for the project’s first track, “Midnight”. With some weird rhymes over some beautiful Steel Tipped Dove production coupled with a video that will make you say “hmm…”, the “Midnight” video is definitely here to raise your curiosity about this emcee.

Check out the video and stream Illmatic 2 in its entirety via Soundcloud.

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