iPads Help High Schoolers With Special Needs Make Awesome Music

PS 177 iPads Help High Schoolers With Special Needs Make Awesome MusicQueens, N.Y., home of PS 177 Technology Band, have quite the interesting story to tell. In a world where children with special needs are largely misunderstood, teacher Adam Goldberg has found a way to harness the power of autism and other learning disabilities through music. By rigging tablet computers to stands, he put his students in a horseshoe formation, conducting them through both holiday and original arrangements at a recent school concert. That original song is called “4-2-4 Jam”, which is actually up for purchase on iTunes right now. It is a six-minute song, and quite frankly, totally worth the $.99 that it costs. All proceeds go to PS 177, which is obviously putting their funds to good use.

This has been a rough weekend, and let’s face it, we needed something like this to try and help cheer us up. Music is a powerful thing, and maybe if we all learned to embrace it more, things wouldn’t be quite as bad as they are. Read more on this fantastic story over at Fast Company.

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