I’m A Wavy Motherf*cker: An Interview with Heems

I’m A Wavy Motherf*cker: An Interview with Heems

heems hair Im A Wavy Motherf*cker: An Interview with HeemsYesterday marked the release of the second solo album from Das Racist’s Heems. It’s Wild Water Kingdom, a wavy-as-fuck project that finds the Queens native spitting some of his sharpest lines to date. The same goes for the production, which arrives from the likes of Keyboard Kid, Beautiful Lou, Harry Fraud, and longtime friend Mike Finito. It all makes for one hell of a follow-up to Heem’s solo debut, Nehru Jackets, which he dropped earlier this year to loads of critical acclaim.

And as a means of figuring exactly where he was heading on WWK along with everything else he’s been up these days—running his own label, Greedhead, for one—I connected with Heems via e-mail while he was on tour in Europe. I attempted to get some follow-up responses, but dude apparently lost his phone overseas. And by the time he got back, we weren’t able to find the time to connect. That being said, our brief online discussion shed some light on WWK, when we can expect to hear more from Das Racist, and more.

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