Iglooghost – “Teatunnels” F. Jitwam

iglooghost-teatunnelsWithout a doubt, British producer Iglooghost‘s new single, “Teatunnels”, is the best thing I’ve heard today. Yes, all of those previously unreleased Four Tet tracks are pure audio candy, but I have not been able to stop playing this Jitwam-assisted cut. Iglooghost’s production is beautifully crisp and textured, crinkling ever so slightly beneath the R&B vocal stylings of his guest. I’ve been on a bit of an R&B/soul kick more often these days anyway, so this just hit me at the right time.

If you’re diggin’ this like I am, you’ll be glad to hear “Teatunnels” is the title track from the producer’s upcoming EP on Error Broadcast. It’s set to also feature Milo, Riley Lake, Greyhat, and that dude Cow Yote who teamed with Igloo on theĀ Sewer_Rat mixtape.

You can hear “Teatunnels” below.

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  1. Why aren’t you guys doing the potholes submission anymore wtf?

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