I Think I’m The Biggest Hypocrite Since 2Pac: An Interview With Blu

Blu has been dubbed one of L.A.’s brightest talents after the release of his project with Exile, Below The Heavens. Following up after that modern day classic, Blu gave us projects with insane raw raps with dusty loops in Johnson&Jonson, a funky beat driven record in CRAC Knuckles, lo-fi atmospheric records like the jazzy HerFavoriteColo(u)r, Jesus, and even a tribute to the L.A. instrumental scene spear headed by Flying Lotus and the Low End Theory camp.

I recently sat down the MC best described as enigma to discuss a wide range of topics pertaining to his career. Talking for a little over 45 minutes, our conversation included Blu breaking down his lyrics, talking about his upcoming record produced by Bombay, the Breakfast Club, the evolution of his relationship with Mainframe and even a special project with Danny Brown.

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10 thoughts on “I Think I’m The Biggest Hypocrite Since 2Pac: An Interview With Blu

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  1. Great innterview tho

  2. Wow i love this

  3. Proofreading is a drag because it’s hard work and only appreciated when it isn’t done properly – but the interview itself is dope and got me in the mood to dig around in Blu’s back catalogue.

  4. Andrew Martin|

    Thanks for reading and my bad on the errors. I should have read it over another time.

  5. Great read, but whoever subbed this must’ve been asleep on the job – maybe it’s just me but a typo kills any cool anecdote/piece of info stone dead.

  6. Holy shit Danny Johnson.

  7. Nice job on the interview. I really hope that the Danny Johnson album will “pre-hybrid” rhymes. I miss the old Danny.

  8. Thanks Andrew! Truly was dope talking with him. Maaaaad love and shoutouts to the brother Mainframe, the other brothers Notes to Self and his DJ, Bianca G, for hooking it up.

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