Homeboy Sandman – “VerbalSoulClapMania” F. 8thW1 [Video]

Homeboy Sandman – “VerbalSoulClapMania” F. 8thW1 [Video]

Much to our surprise today, we are blessed with some unreleased material from back in 2009. Right around when we started Potholes, actually, the underground NYC scene was buzzing with artists like Homeboy Sandman and 8thW1. It has been ages since we last hear from 8th, so it is great to get some new material from him, especially with Sandman on deck as well. The song is called “VerbalSoulClapMania”, a fun, incredibly dope track with an awesome set of visuals as well. I have no idea why this wasn’t released earlier, it is rather awesome. [via]

Here are some words from Homeboy Sandman:

My boy Photo Rob shot 4 years ago when I was emaciated raw vegan status, rocking the mean George Jefferson cut and weighing 85 lbs. This was 2009, for a song on my 2007 album Nourishment. Yesterday, 3 years later, the director sends me the finished version.  The original had my boy Rocky Brambles but for the 2009 version 8THW1 was on board lending a hand. Dag I was skinny sun.


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