Homeboy Sandman & DJ Jav – Orphans [Mixtape]

Homeboy Sandman & DJ Jav – Orphans [Mixtape]

orphans tapeWho’s up for a new mixtape compiling 30 (!) Homeboy Sandman tracks? Well, that’s just what we have here with Orphans, which is hosted and mixed by the DMV area’s DJ Jav. He snagged guest features, radio freestyles, exclusive remixes, and loosies from Boy Sand to craft the fittingly titled project. All the rhymes on Orphans needed a home (get it?) and now, thanks do Jav, that’s exactly what they have. With that in mind, be prepared to listen to this and only this for the next 77 minutes. Bars on bars on BARS.

The A Side

1. Orphans Intro (produced by KAIMBR)
2. Shouts to Common (produced by Reality)
3. Bonkers (produced by P.So)
4. Sand Be The Broham (beat jacked from an Asher Roth joint)
5. Not Pop (Remix by Jinesis)
6. Same Number Same Hood (produced by 2 Kids From Pluto)
7. Increíble –The Boy Sand Remix (beat jacked from a Mickey Factz joint)
8. Beautiful Life (Dilla beat but jacked from Q-Tip)
9. Chimera Out Now (produced by Fred Ones)
10. Fully Equipped (produced by The Clubhouse)
11. Reloaded w/Javier Starks & Substantial (produced by Joe D.)
12. 72 Bars for Chosenberg (produced by 2 Hungry Bros)
13. New York Knights (produced by DFM)
14. A Weird Day (produced by Paul White)
15. The Carpenter (Cassettes Won’t Listen Remix)

The B Side

16. Halftime Radio Freestyle w/DJ Eclipse shout out DJ JAV
17. Can You Feel It? (produced by MisterDigital)
18. Rated Ours (produced by K.O. Beatz)
19. I Knew (beat completely jacked from 24 Carat Black)
20. Flute Killas (produced by Psycho Les of the Beatnuts)
21. Subject Matter Out Now (produced by Audio Games)
22. Holy Mackerel featuring Sene (produced by J57)
23. Maestro Madness (produced by Jinesis)
24. Look Out (Cassettes Won’t Listen Remix)
25. Fantastic (produced by Steve Austin)
26. Love Love 2 (produced by Nate G)
27. Canned Goods (Sir Preiss Remix)
28. Parallel Perpendicular (produced by 2 Hungry Bros)
29. First Of a Living Breed Out Now (produced by Paul White)
30. Sputnik (Remix by Krash)
31. Brown (produced by Jonti)
32. Orphans Outro


  1. Eric Tullis
    Feb 19, 2013 @ 16:00:00

    Never heard “Not Pop” before. Dang. Joint crazy.

  2. A.I.
    Feb 18, 2013 @ 13:07:00

    I would love to have the split version… Homeboy Sandman is dope nonetheless…

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