HeRobust – Late Night & Morning After [EPs]

HeRobust – Late Night & Morning After [EPs]

Atlanta’s HeRobust (Hayden Kramer, if you want to write him a check) is a young producer with extraordinary chops. Depending on your frame of reference, he either makes bass music at a hip-hop tempo or experimental hip-hop with a heavy bass music influence. Regardless where you’re coming from on it, the kid is doing a murderously awesome job- his tracks alternately slink and strut, with compelling drum programming and massive, jagged synth bass. It’s a sound that’s descended just as directly from Dilla as from Joker, and auspicious comparisons like these are not so farfetched. He’s taken significant steps towards developing his own legacy this week, with the release of aptly titled dual EPs Late Night and Morning After. Late Night, not surprisingly, is a collection of dancefloor-rattling party tracks (bump “Coma Toast” at a party and thank us later when mayhem ensues) whereas Morning After takes the tempo and intensity down a notch- but not that murderous bass.

Hit the skip to stream and download both EPs.

Download: HeRobust – Late Night [Bandcamp]

Download: HeRobust – Morning After [Bandcamp]

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