Heems – “Alien Gonzalez”

Heems takes to his Tumblr,¬†Nehru Jackets to unleash a new track while he tours India. With Mike Finito chopping up some ethnical laden samples and massive percussion, Heems gets lyrically active. Accompanying the Tumblr post is a picture of Time Magazine’s cover of Elian Gonzalez, some one who Heems makes reference to several times in the cleverly titled track. There is still no word on an official solo project from Heems, but it is safe to say the man can hold his own on the microphone.

Head over to Nehru Jackets to stream the song.

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  1. Sharpcheddar856|

    Yeah, what that guy said… 3 Das Racist solo mixtapes @ the brink of 2012

  2. all the members of Das Racist are releasing a mixtape the first day of 2012-so this might be on that.

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