Harry Caine – siluetas [Free EP]

harry caine siluetasI cannot honestly say that I have listened to foreign rap music extensively, but this new release is definitely head turning. Mexican producer Harry Caine just dropped the free album Siluetas, and I am thoroughly impressed by the musical qualities of these tracks. A vast majority of the featured artists rap in Spanish, but it is still an enjoyable listen that might just surprise you.

The classy, twinkling piano keys of highlight track “Urbe” lead me to envision a sweltering hot bar during the 1940s or 1950s, while the tripped out “Luv Island” sounds like a dreamy vacation gone awry.

Oh yeah, and the album artwork is awesome. Check out Siluetas below and tell us what you think in the comments section. [via]

Download: Harry Caine – siluetas [Mediafire]

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  1. Growing up in Puerto Rico for the first half of my life, where reggaeton and ignorance prevailed, listening to this definitely impressed me.

    Outside of that, the production is awesome.

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