GRUMBY Returns With Infectious Single “Yoshi’s Penthouse”


Full disclosure: I can’t get enough of GRUMBY. The tandem of Brooklyn-based producers supplied what still stands as one of 2014’s best tracks in “Used 2 Want U” back in May, but that forever-ago release hasn’t stopped me from returning to the record every few weeks. Yeah, it sucks that I can label a five-month time-lapse as “forever ago,” and yet that’s the truth when it comes to music/most everything nowadays.

GRUMBY has kept quiet for months; thankfully, the painfully long radio silence comes to an end today with the release of “Yoshi’s Penthouse.” Breezy and blessed by cerulean samples and synths, the precursory single could have easily been titled after its inspiration, Yoshi’s Island. Save for a few choppy beat shifts that seemingly put a twist to some Mario-lifted melodies, the affair oozes warmth through icy, metallic instrumentation.

At the song’s core is a dual-sided paradise; sunlit beach fiestas and tranquil kickbacks on the sand tradeoff, leaving us wishful for an all-expenses-paid trip to someplace south. We expect the pair’s forthcoming EP to follow suit, which means drop day can’t come soon enough. Well, at least we’ll have our games to pass the time. If your current situation is particularly unpleasant, press play on “Yoshi’s Penthouse,” slip back to the past for three-and-a-half minutes and daze away. Enjoy.

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