Groundislava – College For Dogs [EP]

I’m not sure if you know it or not, but Groundislava dropped one of the year’s best releases thus far with his self-titled album. OK, that might just be my personal opinion, but Potholesian Erik Stabile definitely dug the album in his review of Groundislava. Honestly, I think I’m so drawn to this stuff because it tickles my nostalgia bone something fierce with the woozy 8-bit synthesizers. As someone who grew up playing the NES and then Sega Genesis, this stuff takes me back. But Groundislava does it in a way that’s soothing and moody, not hyper-caffeinated and abrasive. And if you have been looking for another way to sample his music and already enjoyed the Book of Tech EP, you can check out his College For Dogs EP. It stems from nearly two years ago and shows that this dude probably should have been on our radar back in 2009.

Stream “Panorama” below and hit the skip to download College For Dogs.

[audio:|titles=Groundislava – Panorama]

Download: Groundislava – College For Dogs [Mediafire]

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