Grizzly Bear Says They Don’t Make Money From Streaming Services

Grizzly Bear just went on a healthy Twitter rant claiming they don’t make any money from streaming services like Spotify and MOG. We have heard several bands talk about it before, and even go as far as to take their music off the service completely. After talking about the outlook of music consumption rather recently, where does this leave companies like Spotify, MOG, Rdio, etc, who rely heavily on artist’s music for driving revenue? It doesn’t appear like any one is even close to figuring that out, although I don’t see too many other artists pulling their music from the service any time soon.

Check out some of Grizzly Bear’s rant on Twiter. You can read the full log of Tweets, as well as fan dialogue here. It started with this:

But show us the facts!

Okay, that does sound pretty bad.

That really does suck.

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