Listen: Gordy Michael Gives Us a Tour of His ‘Sketchbook’

Listen: Gordy Michael Gives Us a Tour of His ‘Sketchbook’

GordyMichaelSketchbookIf you’ve ever been an artist then you know the feeling of having a sketchbook. It’s a creatives most intimate possession. Whether you’re in class, sitting on the subway, or waiting for your food to be ready, a sketchbook becomes a refuge for the various ideas that pop into your mind throughout the day. Thankfully, beatsmith Gordy Michael has shared some of his ideas on sketchbook. This collection of beats range from half ideas to bursts of creativity, but they all have a distinct flair. These beats are bright, energetic, but still have a sense of weathered nostalgia to them. So far the standout for me is “Rhode Runner,” a 56-second fun trip of start and stop scratches, that is too short for its own good.

If you’d like to hear more of Gordy Michael’s sketches make sure to peep the stream below. Cop it the project here.


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