Giraffage – Pretty Things [EP]

Is it getting chilly in here? Oh, no, that’s just me attempting to squeeze in another reference to that one particular genre of electronic music without actually saying it. Unsurprisingly, this “chill” music comes from a man in San Francisco (a kinda “chill” place) named Charlie Yin who makes music under the name Giraffage. Giraffage’s Pretty Things EP doesn’t fit all the criteria of that “chill” genre, it seems to have a some more energy than the typical Homer-Simpson-in-a-150-pound-20-something-male’s-body vibe that a lot of that “chill” music seems to have at times. It works though, show off your musical beach body, EP! You earned it.

Stream the EP below and hit the skip to download.

Download: Giraffage – Pretty Things [Bandcamp]

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