Full |REBEL| Jacket – “Higher” F. Nikkiya [Potholes Premiere]

“Higher” is the killer third single from Phoenix’s Full |REBEL| Jacket, a pair of MCs with a penchant for thoughtful rhymes and jazzy backdrops. There’s a slight country vibe on this track, too, thanks in part to the smooth guest vocals from Nikkiya. In all, it’s an impressive cut from the duo and their guest, and it leaves us very much anticipating FRJ’s upcoming the REBEL EP. It drops Sept. 3.

You can stream the track here and download it below.

Download: Full |REBEL| Jacket – “Higher” [Right Click Save-As]

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  1. Love love love this song! I wish it was easier to find sounds like this!

  2. Love this song!

  3. love nikkiya, these Rebel guys complement her well

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