Frank Ocean – Nostalgia, Ultra [LP]

I can’t really say I blame people for jumping to the conclusion that all the music coming from the Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All is just filled with violent and misogynist imagery. I won’t blame them, but I will say they’re wrong, terribly wrong. That point is proven best by crew members Jet Age of Tomorrow, who make space-y, funky jams, and Frank Ocean. The latter — a smooth crooner — has just released his free and very good album, Nostalgia, Ultra. It’s a soulful, fun, ladies-centric project that features tunes that showcase a young, talented voice that deserves to be heard beyond the hype of his group.

Stream “Strawberry Swing” and “Songs For Women” below and hit the skip to download Nostalgia, Ultra.

[audio:|titles=Strawberry Swing] [audio:|titles=Songs For Women]

UPDATED LINK – Download: Frank Ocean – Nostalgia, Ultra [Mediafire]

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  1. A even better cover

  2. Best Frank Ocean-cover???

    // Danny

  3. Frank Ocean – Strawberry Swing (The End)

  4. Check some ill visuals to Frank Ocean’s Nature Feels

  5. Thank you for sharing, I am more then inspired and so happy to know that this exist. especially from a member of odd future.

  6. I slept on this album when it dropped but its really good. I’ve been playing all weekend and its easily the best free release I’ve heard all year.

  7. Throughly enjoyed this. American Wedding seems to last forever and love it.

  8. Totally agree.. this album is constantly on repeat… im happy to say this is the best album ive heard ina loooong time

  9. Same here. I haven’t stopped listening.

  10. I am so loving this album,

    Nature Feels is such a sexy song i love it, its one of my fav on the album also really love American Wedding. The whole album is s breathe of fresh air!

  11. i love this it gives me hope that there are still original artists with gd music out there.

  12. Nice post. This album is very chill. Really soulful and a mix of singing and rap. I like it alot

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