Frank Leone Tramples Across the Earth With “WAR”

Frank Leone Tramples Across the Earth With “WAR”


Anacondas slither through dense underbrush and peer at the latest piece of meat to pass them by, their golden eyes transfixed, their coil of neck and body stuck in a hypnotic sway. Ancient lions the size of small school buses shake the forest floor with each paw’s stomp as they walk toward the edge of green and black darkness. Nothing but howls, screeches, darkness.

Frank Leone offers a farewell salute to sunshine and charges right into the thickets of wilderness. When you have a track as vicious and barbaric as “WAR,” you can survive what most of us mortals never could. You can stare in the face of death and smile as you punch its jaw. He’s spitting a hundred miles a minute, cruising through pockets of backdrop as cops would pedestrian traffic. Frank slows the tempo down over a warbling break, a collage of bass and the rattling of garage cans, pots and pans that will quicken your heart beat and heat your palms. Guns blazing, Leone proves once and for all he’s more than worth checking for — just in case you still harbored a doubt, for whatever reason.

The University of Illinois’ Fighting Illini Drumline aid in the creation of this sinister masterpiece, which Leone also helped produce.

If I ever find myself in custody in like 15 years and Big Brother really does search through your digital footprint looking for any telltale signs of rebelliousness or violence, this post will do me in. I must say it, though: this track could make me commit a felony. Straight up. The bar with which I judge hip-hop has elevated another level, word to Cingular.

Take the plunge with Leone and listen to “WAR” below. Follow Frank on Twitter hereEnterWILD is coming soon.

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