Frank Leone Makes A Generational Statement With ‘EnterWILD’


A young man is after the souls of the youth, fittingly. He goes by Frank Leone. The shapeshifting creature eviscerates ghoulish, self-produced beats with a werewolf’s fury and brings that extra glow to sunny, daytime soundscapes. He scours the Allerton Park jungle of his hometown for kicks, all the while avoiding the demons that hide behind towering trees like dementors in the Forbidden Forest. He’s the kid donning a flannel in class, dreaming up fantastical stories and reflecting on those he’s already lived. Leone has poured all the energy, insight and wordplay he could muster into every release to date. That’s why we’ve messed with him all these months, and it’s why we won’t stop documenting his journey toward a grander vision — one that transcends music.

EnterWILD, the 16-track debut album from the 19-year-old artist from Illinois, has teased us at Potholes since we first covered Frank last January. As 2014 slowly slipped into the past, word of this project increased. Our hopes for a masterpiece-in-the-making grew with every track. “Child’s Play“‘s horrifying witchcraft gave way to the revolutionary cry heard “Across the Earth.” An EP, interviews and the fiery “WAR” followed. Leone pushed the release date back, and back, and back again. We found ourselves reaching into the dark for a faint light that danced away as our fingers began to enwrap it. At long last, Leone has torn the curtains down from the rafters. EnterWILD is here, and its architect’s patience — the album took three years to create — paid off.

Explore the lunar craters and terrestrial peaks of EnterWILD below and download the project in its entirety here. Follow Leone on Twitter and tell him of your adventures. If there’s one unifying thread that weaves these 16 songs together, it’s that none of us are in it alone. Happy listening.

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