Four Tet – “Thirtysixtwentyfive”

Four Tet – “Thirtysixtwentyfive”

Four Tet’s SoundCloud is an impressive sight.  The amount of comments on his tracks make his songs look like blue barcodes.  But the British producer’s page just got better with the recent addition of “Thirtysixtwentyfive”.  Originally released in 1998, the song makes for one hell of a debut single.  It’s 36 minutes and 25 seconds (hence the title) of genre-melding sounds, blissful melodies and serene transitions.

Taken on the whole, its fascinating to hear his wondrous, spatial sounds (and really the sound of a genre) in such a nascent form.

Hit the skip to download and stream “Thirtysixtwentyfive”.

Thirtysixtwentyfive (Output, 1998) by Four Tet

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  1. John Healey
    Apr 18, 2011 @ 20:01:56

    This is a real gem. Really amazing stuff.

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