Four Tet Reissuing ‘Rounds’ With Bonus Material

Four Tet Four Tet Reissuing Rounds With Bonus Material Kieran Hebden’s evolution as an artist has been fascinating to watch over the years. His sound has continued to transform, taking on new shapes and forms with each and every release. Ten years ago, he released a true masterpiece in Rounds. To celebrate that milestone in his career, and to hopefully turn some his newer fans on to his older tunes, Kieran plans on dropping a rerelease of Rounds. Not only that, but the album will come with some bonus material, which includes a bonus CD recording of a performance in Copenhagen from 2003.

The reissue is set to drop May 13 via Domino. You can stream a true classic from Rounds, “As Serious As Your Life Is”, below. Track listing is underneath.

1 – Hands
2 – She Moves She
3 – First Thing
4 – My Angel Rocks Back And Forth
5 – Spirit Fingers
6 – Unspoken
7 – Chia
8 – As Serious As Your Life
9 – And They All Looked Broken Hearted
10 – Slow Jam

Live in Copenhagen (Bonus Disc)
1 – She Moves She
2 – Everything Is Alright
3 – Spirit Fingers
4 – Glue Of The World
5 – My Angel Rocks Back And Forth
6 – As Serious As Your Life
7 – Hands, No More Mosquitos, Calamine, Tangle

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