Four Tet – “Gillie Amma, I Love You”

Four TetProviding aid for children of southeast India, Everything Is New plans on spreading the word by releasing a set of albums in the coming months. The first project is by a Scottish band called Marram, the second is a compilation sporting brand new tracks from a number of notable artists. You know, Dan Deacon Rustie, Deerhoof, Bear in Heaven, No Age, Max Tundra, Califone, Dan Deacon, YACHT, and Julian Lynch, just to name a few.

Today we are blessed with a contribution from Four Tet called “Gillie Amma, I Love You”, which is far removed from his more gritty dance tunes of late. Built off a euphoric synthesizer and some playful vocal samples from the Light of Love Children’s Choir, “Gille Amme” is pure instrumental bliss. Give it a stream below. [via]

Disc 1:
01 Rustie: “Boatsss”
02 Max Tundra: “You, The Living”
03 doseone: “Weight in Song”
04 White Hinterland: “Like a Dove”
05 Taken By Trees: “In Love This Time”
06 Capybara: “Angelo”
07 Ramona Falls: “On the Line”
08 Son Lux: “My Father’s Children”
09 Matthewdavid: “Music Will Change the World”
10 The Ruby Suns: “You Can Talk”
11 No Age: “Birds Song”
12 Deerhoof: “Play the Hand”
13 Califone: “Those Mountains Are God’s Teeth”
14 Four Tet: “Gillie Amma, I Love You”
Disc 2:
01 Dan Deacon: “Glace Voices”
02 Lucky Dragons: “Between Suns”
03 High Places: “Future’s Just Ahead”
04 Keepaway: “You’re Silk”
05 YACHT: “Icarus Complex”
06 El Guincho: “Botes”
07 Sun Airway: “Blue City / Sun City”
08 rRoxymore: “Ask Iru”
09 A Sunny Day in Glasgow: “Hey Tiger!”
10 Bear in Heaven: “The Green”
11 Slanter: “Sarsaparilla”
12 Gang Gang Dance: “Upside Dawn”
13 Julian Lynch: “Naava”
14 Physical Forms: “Sound Lie”
15 Marram: “Transgressor” [ft. Jamie Stewart]

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