Flying Lotus Answers Twitter Questions About His Tour, ‘You’re Dead!’, and More

Flying Lotus Answers Twitter Questions About His Tour, ‘You’re Dead!’, and More

flying-lotus-youre-deadFlying Lotus is for the people. In addition to being completely open-minded about the leak of his new album, You’re Dead!, he just wrapped up a Q&A session on his Twitter account to address the leak, singing on standout “Coronus, The Terminator,” and much more. It just further proves how personable the guy is, because he clearly could have lashed out at the world after seeing that You’re Dead! prematurely hit the web. And even though he isn’t condoning the leak, he takes the occurrence in stride and simply asks that you support him in some way (ticket sales, album purchase, merchandise, etc…) if you’re feeling the record. I concur.

Here are 10 bits of information that we learned:

  • His spirit animal is an elephant
  • His favorite jazz artist is Thundercat
  • He thinks his mom would say You’re Dead is weird
  • He wants to tour with a live band but it’s pricey
  • He has written a feature film with his friend that he hopes Kahlil Joseph will direct
  • He hates beans of all kinds
  • His favorite Steve Buscemi film is Reservoir Dogs
  • His favorite track on the new Thom Yorke album is “The Mother Lode”
  • He’d be down to rap as Captain Murphy in one of the BET Hip-Hop Awards cyphers
  • He believes You’re Dead! is his best album yet

You can read the Q&A-style tweets below and you can buy You’re Dead! on Amazon.

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  1. Dee Jay
    Oct 06, 2014 @ 21:37:00

    “Nigga that shit is weird” hahaha

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