Flying Lotus Unveils Church-Centric “Never Catch Me” Video F. Kendrick Lamar

Flying Lotus Unveils Church-Centric “Never Catch Me” Video F. Kendrick Lamar

flying-lotus-never-catch-me-music-videoIn one full swoop, Brainfeeder leader Flying Lotus further ignites the fiery anticipation surrounding his forthcoming project, You’re Dead! The same hour that saw The Fader announce FlyLo as its second cover story artist, starring opposite Arca, also brings to fruition the visual for “Never Catch Me.” Undoubtedly a choice cut lifted from the LP, the single (and its impressive on-air debut) left fans contented; Kendrick Lamar‘s words churn and spin like rotating bicycle wheels, bounding off Lotus’ mercurial soundscape as cyclists would asphalt.

Well lucky for us, this video has upped expectations for You’re Dead! yet again. Director Hiro Murai puts a church-centric twist on the record; the result is nothing less than powerfully beautiful, with different characters silently embodying K. Dot’s philosophical words in an elegant setting. Diseased individuals in decorative coffins coexist, harmoniously, with joyously dancing children; elderly folk fill the wooden pews, contemplating past transgressions; and we’re in love with the whole damn thing.

I’ll need some time to fully digest any deeper meaning behind this video, but I’m more than happy to simply sit back and enjoy the show until then. Watch “Never Catch Me” below and let us know how you’re feeling about it in the comments section.

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  1. Gedi D.
    Oct 01, 2014 @ 23:05:00

    To me the idea of death for some people is probably liberating. Being free from pain, free from worry. Flying Lotus somehow made a song set around a funeral visually less depressing and somehow joyous. The video encapsulates that feeling of being free, with the kids running after the black hearse. Catch me if you can, never catch me.

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