Flying Lotus – “Pretty Boy Strut” (Javis FauX’s Edit Of Epic Proportions)

Javis Faux proper Flying Lotus   Pretty Boy Strut (Javis FauXs Edit Of Epic Proportions)Javis FauX‘s heavy-hitting FauXed ‘N Throwed series continues today, this time taking to Flying Lotus’ “Putty Boy Strut” and transforming it into “Pretty Boy Strut”. The already mind-expanding single gets taken to maximum levels of trippiness, as Javis throws every twist and turn he possibly can. With such a heavy output of playfully screwed tracks, perhaps we can convince FauX to drop a real project of FauXed ‘N Throwed edits on Potholes Music in the near future. Stay tuned as we try and yank that out of the guy, and listen to this killer refix for the time being.