Flying Lotus’ New Album to Feature Captain Murphy, Is Almost Ready For Mixing

flying-lotus-dogIt’s been a minute since we’ve heard anything related to Flying Lotus and his next full-length album, both as his producer moniker and as Captain Murphy. But it appears that he has a track list all ready to go for his next venture as FlyLo, which will serve as the follow-up to 2012’s great Until The Quiet Comes. He just revealed on Twitter that the album is just about ready to enter the mixing stage and that the Captain is all over it.

That might seem like a “DUH NO SHIT GUYS” moment to some of you, but I wasn’t really sure whether he would want to mix the two monikers like that. I mean, yeah, he produced some of his own stuff on Duality, but that’s different. Additionally, he said that the record will have a jazzy vibe to it that will be “jarring” upon first listen. Oh, man.

Anyway, you can peep the tweets below. He also revealed that he’s technically unsigned, so I wonder which label will scoop him up!





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