Flying Lotus & Kendrick Lamar Deliver The Goods On “Never Catch Me”


“Never Catch Me”—the understandably hyped, Kendrick Lamar-featuring single from Flying Lotus‘ forthcoming album, You’re Dead!—landed a fittingly major premiere on Power 106 at 9:30 p.m. (Pacific). If you are on the east coast, chances are fluffy pillows currently cover your ears, not headphones. However, if you’re at all like me—without AC and struggling to move through this suffocating humidity—you took an early peak at the radio version of the track while avoiding sticky sheets/overheating.

Suffice to say, the record is good enough to withstand the obnoxious barrage of drops and tags. The mix quality is predictably poor, but Lamar’s altered voice and mile-a-minute flows dig a path right through FlyLo’s scurrying backdrop. From the jazzy, pillowy pianos bringing some slow stability to an otherwise hurried beat to the Dilla-esque sound effects, this song will be a problem once it drops in full quality.

We are admittedly appreciative of Flying Lotus’ past work, though we’d like to think the disclaimed fandom is well-deserved. We’re absolutely nothing without our readers, so please let us know if the single has heightened or lessened your anticipation for You’re Dead! in the comments and we’ll join ya there. Take a listen to their collaboration “Never Catch Me” below, and be sure to support the music when it officially releases on October 6th. You can pre-order Flying Lotus’ You’re Dead! on iTunes now.

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  1. Eh. I prefer Earl over FlyLo beats. Kendrick still does well because he’s incredibly well rounded artist. I wouldn’t want to listen to a full album of him with FlyLo though.

  2. Encore! Encore! ||

  3. Fantastic.

  4. AndrewMartin520|

    Really diggin’ this.

  5. loved this shit

  6. According to FlyLo, Lamar has taken most of the instrumentals he had made of a new Cap Murphy so I would not be surprised I Lamar released more tracks. Amazingly, even with all the “This is a world premier’ it’s still a dope track and I really enjoyed it.

  7. i feel like they cant do only one track. theres so many other styles of beats of flylo’s i’d love to hear kendrick on. its an amazing track though

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