Flying Lotus Details and Previews His FlyLo FM Station for ‘Grand Theft Auto V’

flying-lotus-blurryAs we’ve reported in previous posts, Flying Lotus got his own radio station in the upcoming video game Grand Theft Auto V. In addition to making me want to buy a PS3 so I can simply play the game, now I want to throw down some cash to hear all the music on his station. The playlist he curated features new music from him, his Captain Murphy alter-ego, and Tyler, the Creator, the last of which we heard already in “Garbage“. There’s also music from Clams Casino, Aphex Twin, Hudson Mohawke and Outkast. Great. Now I’m drooling.

You can hear the radio station preview at Pitchfork and peep the track list below. You can buy Grand Theft Auto V on Amazon.

FlyLo FM:

  • Flying Lotus feat. Niki Randa – “Getting There”
  • Clams Casino – “Crystals”
  • Flying Lotus – “Crosswerved”
  • Flying Lotus – “Be Spin”
  • Flying Lotus – “See Thru to U”
  • Flying Lotus – “The Diddler”
  • Flying Lotus – “Computer Face Rmx”
  • Hudson Mohawke – “100hm”
  • Flying Lotus feat. Niki Randa – “The Kill”
  • Tyler, the Creator – “Garbage”
  • Outkast – “Elevators (Me & You)”
  • Captain Murphy – “Evil Grin”
  • Flying Lotus – “Catapult Man”
  • Dabrye – “Encoded Flow”
  • Machinedrum – “She Died There”
  • DJ Rashad – “It’s Wack”
  • Thundercat – “Oh Sheit It’s X”
  • Flying Lotus – “Stonecutters”
  • Shadow Child – “23”
  • Kingdom – “Stalker Ha”
  • Aphex Twin – “Windowlicker”

Here are some thoughts from FlyLo about the playlist.







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