Flashlight Tag Presents: Outside The Box Vol. 9 (5/10/12)

flashlight tag2 11 Flashlight Tag Presents: Outside The Box Vol. 9 (5/10/12)

Outside The Box is a weekly roundup of electronic gems from the ever-growing SoundCloud & BandCamp community, brought to you by the Chicago-based music blog, Flashlight Tag.

Rimar – “You Monitor Everything You Do”

The Ohio-based hip-hop producer, Rimar,  has got be one of the most underrated producers in the game right now. Although he’s been given his fair share of media attention (he scored a solid  EP review on Pitchfork and has worked with some major indie labels like Bella Union) it still feels like the word hasn’t fully gotten out on Rimar. He took to his SoundCloud a few weeks ago and uploaded this fast-paced, juke-esque track, “You Monitor Everything You Do”.

The first half of the track takes off with lightening speed. By the end of it, Rimar switches back to his usual, spacey, stoned-out tempo.

Don’t sleep on it.

Olaf – ” Night Train”

Here’s a late night, “future garage” cut all the way from the Netherlands. Olaf popped up on my radar few days ago and I’ve been seriously vibing to his tunes ever since.

Be sure to journey through his SoundCloud & Bandcamp.

Mar – “At Hand”

This elusive Chicago-based producer remains a complete mystery. No clues at all. “At Hand” is probably his strongest track yet. Hopefully it will launch him off into blogosphere conversation. For now, this kid is just laying low, making a unique brand of electronic music in his bedroom.

Let’s all just pray for more…