“Fans” Lash Out at Elaquent Over Request to Remove ‘Parallel’ Download Link

“Fans” Lash Out at Elaquent Over Request to Remove ‘Parallel’ Download Link

elaquent parallel Fans Lash Out at Elaquent Over Request to Remove Parallel Download LinkThe world is a weird place, man. Over the past few days, Potholes favorite Elaquent—a producer based out of Toronto—found himself in a shitty situation. On Oct. 31, he stumbled across music blog Rappamelo, which was hosting a free download link of his latest release, the great Parallel EP.

And upon seeing this, he asked the site to remove the link with the following comments:

ok seriously. quit bootlegging my shit. take all those links down please. – Elaquent

dont wanna sound like an asshole, but come on, the record is not even 2 days old. thanks in advance. – Elaquent

Within 10 minutes, some readers commented and seemed to support the fact the site was bootlegging Elaquent’s material, which, you know, you can stream for free on Urbnet Bandcamp as much as you want. Here’s one of them:

only because of blogs like this i get to know you and told other people about you who bought your stuff at the end.

Fair enough, playboy, but you do know that you can share music without illegally downloading it, right? Look, I’m not making a case against people downloading stuff—you’re lying through your teeth if you tell me you haven’t—but to start shit with an artist looking to have his music removed is just … bizarre.

Our buddy Dart Adams—he runs Producers I Know and is a walking hip-hop encyclopedia—chimed in a few hours later with a pithy comment that sums up how most of us probably feel:

What I don’t get is when artists ask you directly to stop bootlegging their shit why “fans” get angry? I work closely with these artists and if someone claimed to support you but instead cut a hole in your pockets & wallet you surely wouldn’t welcome it… – Dart Adams

Elaquent would soon follow with another comment requesting the link be removed, which happened relatively quickly:

Look, I appreciate any and everyone who supports what I do and the movement. But the EP is on bandcamp. Everyone can stream it in its entirety. If you want to post the bandcamp link, I’m all for it. I just think posting a lo res 128kbps link to the album undermines not just $$, but the attention to detail that was put into the record, sonically. I’m not going to single out rappamelo, and I appreciate that you enjoyed it enough to post it, but moving forward on my future releases, please respect my wishes not to post bootleg links to my music that took a lot of time and energy to put together. Thanks for taking the bootleg links down, much appreciated.

Unfortunately, that’s when things got ugly.

Some person calling him/herself “fans” decided it was time to hate on Elaquent’s stance on this situation and this opened the floodgates for others to follow in line with the idiocy.

that attitude stinks Elaqquent [sic] used to love your music. but with an attitude like that i need to think twice about you as an artist – fans

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