Listen to F. Virtue and Juan Deuce’s Schizophrenic New Album ‘New York Strangers’


F. Virtue and Juan Deuce‘s new collabo album, New York Strangers, is an unapologetically New York album. Like the city itself, the project is abound with uncommon and disparate ideas that shouldn’t work, but they weirdly coalesce into a unique experience. Both Virtue and Deuce are great rappers that float effortlessly over some of the weirdest samples I’ve heard this year from producers like J57, Falside, and others.

This album is experimental in all the right ways. From the beats to the rhymes, Virtue and Deuce provide something different to what we stereotypically perceive as real “NY Rap.” This is boom-bap on acid and is a very rare auditory experience. Not taking advantage of this free music would be the ultimate disservice to any hip-hop fan.

You can listen below and download the album at their Bandcamp.

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