Exclusive: Potholes In My Blog Presents: The Ozone [Mixtape]

The Ozone Mixtape Front CoverYou’ve downloaded the leaks, and now here it is: The Ozone. Showcasing a slew of underground talent who all rep Orlando, FL, our latest compilation features the work of Optiks (Blitz the Ambassador, Scribble Jam Producer Champion 2008), Swamburger (of Solillaquists of Sound), IMAKEMADBEATS, Emilio Rojas, MidaZ the Beast, Grindtime favorites Smash City Gauntlet, Grey Matter, S.K.I.P., Critical Madness, and more.

Download: Potholes In My Blog Presents: The Ozone

Peep the liner notes and additional artwork after the jump…

the ozone mixtape back cover1. Ozone Intro (Optiks) *
2. No Question (Grey Matter) +
3. Return to the Summit (MidaZ) *
4. Eastside (Redd Simpkins) *
5. Money Up (Kap Kallous) *
6. Strugglin’ (J.Biz feat. Travis Hampton) *
7. International Crime Interlude (Optiks) *
8. Chug A 5th (Critical Madness) *
9. Area 51 (Vis Major & MidaZ) *
10. Reflect (Grey Matter) +
11. How They Living (Shinobi Stalin feat. DJ Stranger) #
12. Press Play (Godamus Rhyme) %
13. Let’s Go (IMAKEMADBEATS & Emilio Rojas) ^
14. Stargate Troopers [Vets of Kin (Shinobi Stalin, P!, AMiAM, MURDOC, MyGrane McNastee)] $
15. People Like Us (Smash City Gauntlet) *
16. Woe Is Not Me (Swamburger) *
17. Red Vs. Blue (S.K.I.P.) @
18. Who I Am (AMiAM) @

Tracks selected and mixed by SeanDammit & DJ Y-NOT
All Cuts by DJ Y-NOT
* = Produced by Optiks
+ = Produced by Tempermental
# = Produced by Rediculous Reeplay
% = Produced by Godamus Rhyme
^ = Produced by IMAKEMADBEATS
$ = Produced by Kick Drums
@ = Produced by Swamburger

“Oh, you’re from Orlando?” he says to me, his New York pride practically seeping through the tone of his condescending statement-disguised-as-question. “What’s the hip hop scene like there?”

This isn’t an uncommon scenario. Tucked away in the crevices of the Dirty South, Orlando (better known as Ozone to its inhabitants) is constantly and criminally slept on. If outside hip hop heads aren’t straight up ignoring the scene’s existence, they’re usually completely misconstruing what the music that comes out of this city is all about, overlooking the accomplishments and movements that began in Central Florida and went on to spread across the globe.
That’s why a mix like this is not just overdue, but straight up necessary. These songs don’t even fully cover the spectrum of talented individuals that reside in the Ozone, but it’s the definitive ‘cram session’ on Orlando’s hip hop scene – the closest you can get without actually talking face-to-face with its residents. And trust me, it wouldn’t be a brief conversation by any means.

They’ll tell you how the Ozone is home to DMC USA Supremacy Champion SPS. They’ll tell you how all of Scribble Jam’s Production Battle Champions (X:144 and Optiks) both rep the Ozone. They’ll tell you about MURDOC, winner of the Ursession 100K Battle and frequent guest on Sway and Tech’s Wake Up Show. They’ll tell you about groups like Caveman Theory, Critical Madness, and Grey Matter, who’ve toured the country and made noise on college radio around the US, showing heads just what the Ozone is all about.

They’ll tell you about Solillaquists of Sound, who have done shows around the world, and how the group’s producer DiViNCi contributed to the creation of Akai’s MPC5000, while emcee Swamburger provided the opening song to John Madden 2002. They’ll tell you how Ozone is the birthplace of Grind Time, the world’s #1 rap battle league. They’ll tell you about artists like IMAKEMADBEATS, MidaZ, Kap Kallous, TzariZM, AMiAM, and a slew of others who have popped up on a variety of projects from some of the underground’s biggest names, turning heads and ensuring that cats recognize that this city has more to offer than a couple of overpriced theme parks. This list goes on and on. I’m running out of space here. And I’ve already left out too many names.

So soak it in. You may recognize some of the artists here, while others you may just be getting a proper introduction to through this mix. Whatever the case may be, the next time someone steps to you talking about how New York/LA/Chicago/Atlanta/West Bubblefuck is the sole location of all that is dope in today’s hip hop, smack ‘em in the head with the contents within, and score some cool points by being the first one in your circle to let heads know about the OZONE…

-SeanDammit, Summer ‘09

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  1. Good Music….I like the positive vibe…Everybody did they thing; but there are two songs that stand out to me; No Question & Money Up. These two rappers are not just rappin, they are SPITIN’. OH and the beatz are Bangin’. Tempermental…I already know how you do from way back on the streets of E.G. Keep up the Good Work!

  2. Good work O-Zone. Proud to rep Orlando.

  3. Illustrate|

    Fresh….Good shit here. Props to Potholes for this

  4. DOPE. Checking this out tonight…thanks for keeping my headphones busy and fresh.

  5. MsPhenomenal407|

    Good Stuff… nicely done as always ;o)

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