Exclusive: Ocean State Sampler [Album]

OceanStateSamplerIt took me a few months to finally get this put together, but Potholes In My Blog is proud to present the Ocean State Sampler. I was inspired to do this after we dropped our first project, Transmitting Live Vol. 1, this summer. I just needed to do something to showcase the talent residing in Rhode Island, where I call home. And after a few delays and an amended track listing, it’s finally here. I am very excited to present new music from these artists, who range from Jon Hope to Dirty Hank to Joe Beats to Zumo Kollie.

Every track on this project is either unreleased or will appear on a future album dropping in the next few months. OK, to be fair, the Jahpan track can be grabbed off iTunes, but it’s only available at a few digital outlets. And when he hit me up a week ago to be included on this, I just had to include him. Nothing left to do now but download this 10-track sampler and let us know what you think. A huge thank you to every artist included on here and to Objektiv One who supplied the excellent artwork. And if you are an R.I. rapper or producer looking to collaborate on a sequel to this project, hit us via e-mail on the contact page.

Download: Ocean State Sampler [Mediafire]


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12 thoughts on “Exclusive: Ocean State Sampler [Album]

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  1. i gotta get up on this

  2. thank you. i was gettin worried there was no hope left in the ocean state. props to all ya’ll. that mad plaid track is fresher than a farmers market. hank made it dirtier fa sho.

  3. Tim Martin|

    The artwork is amazing, much props to Objektiv One and hope you will be on board for any future projects. Amazing talent showcased! Great job to musical artists, visual artists, and promoters of sick, fun RI music; keep the showcases coming.

  4. I had fun on this one! Thanks Andrew for letting me do this cover.

  5. Earl Hickey|

    No thanks to you for putting in work

  6. Thanks for lettin’ me know — just upped another version.

  7. Earl Hickey|

    It occurs occasionally with Mediafire

  8. I’m on it. Sorry about that, not sure how it happened.

  9. Earl Hickey|

    Could you re-up it? Zumo Kollie “Victory Lap” is corrupt file.

  10. Ali Elabbady|

    Artwork looks absolutely wonderful. OB-One is so dope!

    So is the music. Awesome job guys!

  11. Big shouts to Marty on putting this together!

  12. Congrats on getting this together. Very dope project!

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