Exclusive: MF Reef – “Rhymes Like Dimes” [mp3]

Reef+the+Lost+Cauze+410pxX2Haj from Dumhi shot over this fun little track a few minutes ago, and I had no choice but to make a post. It’s eerie how well Reef the Lost Cauze comes to matching DOOM’s flow. What’s even weirder is that the words he spits seem as if DOOM himself could have wrote them. But yeah, just a little something for you guys to enjoy as we wait for some new Reef and Dumhi. Enjoy!

Exclusive: MF Reef – “Rhymes Like Dimes” [Right Click Save-As]

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  1. David Reyneke|

    There is no official version.. just a little something they cut up the other day. Sorry about that!

  2. It’s cut off at the end, bro. What’s the deal?

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