Exclusive: Intelligent Hoodlum – Black and Proud (Will C. Mix) [mp3]

One of my personal favorite Boston rappers, Will C., decided to put together an exclusive package for the Potholes family. He took the classic Intelligent Hoodlum track, “Black and Proud” and made an incredible remix to it. Besides dropping a tight track for us, Will is also giving us a behind the scenes peek at his work on the MPC when creating this remix via a very amusing video.

For those who are unfamiliar with Will’s previous work, be sure to check out his fantastic debut album, Evil In The Mirror, which dropped on Brick Records earlier this year. He combines banging beats and clever rhymes with an ear for true-school hip-hop, creating a dope overall sound.

Download: Intelligent Hoodlum – Black and Proud (Will C. Mix) [Right Click Save-As]

Will wanted to leave us some of his personal insights, so hit the skip for a quick word from the artist himself, as well as the video for the original track…

…They don’t know that Will don’t go for those potholes in his blog…

A word from Will C. –

I wanted to have some fun and drop an exclusive for my crew over at Potholes, so I decided to put together a remix of Intelligent’s Hoodlum (a.k.a. Tragedy)’s 1990 single, Black and Proud.  I am personally a huge fan of Tragedy’s first album from the same year.  If you aren’t up on it, I urge you to check it out!  His first two albums (Intelligent Hoodlum and Saga of a Hoodlum) were reissued as a double CD fairly recently.

With my limited skills in video editing, I tried to make this exclusive as “behind-the-scenes” as possible.  The free download is the finished remix, while the video helps illustrate what went into the production and arrangement of the chopped samples.

For good measure, I threw in some footage from the movie I’m sampling on the hook.  Who can tell me what it is?

Be safe this winter… I’m out!

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  1. Never heard of Intelligent Hoodlum, but I got educated on some hip hop music. The mix is refreshing and definitely looking to give this joint some plays…

  2. BoomBap808|

    Nice job Will,dare i say i enjoyed it more than the original..

  3. Diggin’ this remix a lot. Good looks!

  4. u mean what movie? Looks like black belt jones

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