UPDATE! Exclusive: 8thW1 & the 2HungryBros – “Paradigm Shift” [mp3]

8thW1 & 2hungrybrosIn light of The Blueprint 3 just dropping and the slew of superficial hip-hop out there today, 8thw1 and 2HungryBros decided to give their two cents on the situation. 8thw1 takes some choice shots at several known offenders *cough*The Cool Kids*cough*The Knux. Listen to find out who and why he feels compelled to share his thoughts with the world. This track will not be making an appearance on the upcoming collaboration album between 8th & the 2HungryBros, NO ROOM FOR DESSERT. But “Paradigm Shift” definitely deserves a light of its own. Props to Deep for giving us the exclusivity on this one! Check it out and share your thoughts on this pot stirrer…

Exclusive: 8thW1 & the 2HungryBros – “Paradigm Shift” [Mediafire]

UPDATE: It appears that 8th would like to clear some things up. Apparently Deep got a little trigger happy and prematurely leaked this unfinished tracked. Check out the new track, “Clean-Up Duty” to see how 8th sorts things out!

Download: 8thW1 & the 2HungryBros – “Clean-Up Duty”

7 thoughts on “UPDATE! Exclusive: 8thW1 & the 2HungryBros – “Paradigm Shift” [mp3]

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  1. “Leaked” an unfinished track. Justs sounds liks some good ol’ viral marketing to me.

  2. Holy shit….dude made a track TODAY to clear up a leak that happened TODAY? Impressive.

  3. the interrupter|

    so he wants to resurrect boom bap?

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