Listen: Ethereal Takes On Dirty Music Industry Politics On ‘Blackli$t’ Project

ethereal-blacklistAwful Records has been a big part of Atlanta’s surging underground scene, and yesterday we got the latest release from the independent label in Ethereal‘s newest effort, titled Blackli$t. Just one month removed from the release of his Cactus Jack project, Ethereal drops another seven-track project entirely produced by himself. His production style is similar to his rapping style in the sense that it’s very unwise and stands out amongst most other hip-hop sounds. My favorite track, “Ground,” has a smooth, nostalgic bass line and sample that acts as the perfect canvas for Ethereal to paint his rhymes on—it really makes this track pop. There’s isn’t much inflection in his voice, but the fullness of this instrumental makes his monotone rap style stand out more than usual.

You can stream Blackli$t below and cop it here.

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