Eminem – “Berzerk” [Video]

eminem-berzerk-videoIt’s not terribly often that we post stuff we don’t necessarily love here at Potholes, unless of course it’s an album review. But something pushed me to share this new video for Eminem‘s latest single, the Rick Rubin-produced “Berzerk”. Maybe it’s the fact that Rubin plays such a huge role or that I enjoyed seeing the throwback to the Beastie Boys’ classic “So What Cha Want” video. Also, the artist cameos are pretty entertaining/hilarious, especially when Em’s chilling with Slaughterhouse outside of the warehouse/skate park. I’m still not that big on the song itself, mostly because the vocals are way too much at times, but I’m still going to give Em’s new album, The Marshall Mathers LP 2, a fair shot.

You can watch the video below and buy the single on Amazon.

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  1. Only thing this makes me feel is that I miss the Bad Boy Pistons whipping up on Jordan.

  2. I thought the shit-hop genre was dead. I WISHED the shit-hop genre was dead. Oh well… long live Limp biz… I mean eminem.

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