Elaquent – The Scenic Route

Elaquent – The Scenic Route
Stillmuzik: 2012

“greetings. elaquent makes beats. he watches batman. he plays sega. yuen woo-ping choreographs awesome fight scenes in hong kong movies. elaquent likes those aforementioned kung fu movies. he also makes beats. okbye.” That’s Elaquent writing about himself in a nutshell. Intro, body, conclusion. Simple as that. That’s who we’re dealing with today. Here’s a geek from up north who invests a lot of time into his passions. You get what you give; Elaquent’s production continues to improve the more and more he hangs around his equipment. The Scenic Route validates his dedication to dynamic instrumentals.

“Montreal Poutine” is a fine example of Ela’s ability to blend the hard-hitting with the soft and soulful. A poutine is a combination of fries, gravy, and cheese curds. The glitchy vibe from this track stumbles around as melodic female vocals meet up with a Busta Rhymes sample. In both cases, your guess is as good as mine as to how these concoctions are truly beautiful blends, so we’ll go ahead and give kudos to the bold creators. It’s what you get with The Scenic Route from beginning to end; The sharp sci-fi punches you’d expect from a Flying Lotus type, fused together with the luscious, organic samples you’d receive from the late and great Nujabes. After riding along Elaquent’s road less travelled, you start to wonder who would dare choose a straight and narrow path over this trip.

3.5 out of 5

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