Eddie Moore & The Outer Circle – The Freedom Of Expression [Album]

eddie moore outer circleCan you think of a better time to spin some new jazz tunes than a lazy Sunday afternoon? Well, thanks to Eddie Moore and the Outer Circle, we can fulfill our musical craving by way of The Freedom of Expression. Eddie Moore is a pianist, and he is sure to draw up some comparisons to Robert Glasper. Especially with his ability to intertwine contemporary sounds with more traditional teachings. But his new album deserves a bit of separation from Glasper, and quite frankly any other modern day jazz musician.

With his quartet, Moore’s focus falls directly on the melody. As you run through The Freedom of Expression, you will notice how accessible these tunes can come across. But for the more experiences listener, there is certainly some more complex detail to latch on to. Stream the album below, and purchase it over at Bandcamp.

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