Earl Sweatshirt – “Sunday” F. Frank Ocean

earl sweatshirt frank ocean Earl Sweatshirt   Sunday F. Frank OceanIt appears that another track off Earl Sweatshirt‘s proper debut, Doris, has hit the web. It’s another collaboration from the 19-year-old Los Angeles rapper, who this time reached out to one of his Odd Future brethren to a guest feature. Frank Ocean, who previously rocked with Earl on “Oldie” and “Super Rich Kids”, hopped on the stripped-down production not to do some crooning but to rap.

That’s right, Ocean’s flexing his rapping talents on “Sunday” and, well, chances are you’ll know what he’s spitting about by the end of his verse. If not, here’s a hint: Remember that R&B singer that he’s beefed with? Yeah. While Earl definitely sounds sharp on this, we’re giving Frankie the win on here. I know it’s not a competition or anything, but I’m just sayin’.

You can stream “Sunday” below and you can pre-order Doris on Amazon. It drops Aug. 20.