Listen to the Full Version of Earl Sweatshirt’s Previously Unreleased “Rats” [UPDATED]

Remember when Earl Sweatshirt was some punk kid making ridiculous, nasty hip-hop and videos to match? No? Well, let’s take it back a few years with “Rats,” a previously unreleased joint that has to stem from his younger days based on his voice and lyrical content. The track, which is produced by Tyler, the Creator, further demonstrates exactly why the world at large was fascinated by Odd Future when they burst on the scene in 2010. It’s snarling and weird with a dose of chopped-and-screwed influence to boot. If that sounds like something you’d like to listen to right now, you can do so below. Everyone else, be sure to revisit those two tracks Earl shared this past May.

UPDATE: Here’s the final version that was sent to Pigeons and Planes by an anonymous reader.

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