Drake Takes Over Saturday Night With Three New Songs


After tantalizing fans with an advisory tweet, Drake makes good on his hints and drops not one, not two, but three records seemingly packaged as the 6 God EP. And what a trio it is. Having naturally formed several knee-jerk reactions, as any individual untrained in the arts of psychology would, I can comfortably say the triad largely continues Drake’s remarkable hot streak. Like a simultaneously selfish and selfless demigod, Graham makes us drop everything as Saturday afternoon progresses into the evening hours. He demands our attention, drawing listeners in like jovian planets do asteroids, and yet he makes the time spent after rushed writings more worthwhile.

Well, for the most part. “6 God,” this officially unofficial EP’s title track, fails to live up to the previously established greatness that is “How Bout Now.” Nor can it match the slow-burning ode to all things life that is “Heat Of The Moment,” which once more sees the OVO camp utilize beat-reversal. Expect to see plenty of that tactic on Views From The 6. Drake exits tonight’s game batting .667 — not too shabby for what some might call an off-night.

Stream and download “6 God,” “How Bout Now” and “Heat Of The Moment” below.

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  1. Alex Siber|

    I don’t know, I think these are pretty damn good for loosies lol. Especially “How Bout Now.” That’s an interesting point though


    I like Drake, but some of these feel phoned in. Its gotten to the point where we like the idea of Drake more than his actual music.

  3. I used to be a big Drake fan, he’s still dope but I can tell when he’s just trying to play the market & when he’s putting his heart into his music. As an artist I struggle with finding the same balance in my own material, can’t win every battle though. So I won’t hate, the songs are cool, not my favorite Drake songs but they are cool for what its worth… – @theCrxsh:disqus

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