Download X’s Potholes Music Debut ‘The Houston Museum of Natural Science’

Today we are excited to announce the release of X’s debut album on Potholes Music, The Houston Museum of Natural Science. We first caught wind of this inspirational artist when our writer Femi interviewed the Houston native a few weeks back. Since then, we have been preparing for the release of this new album.

As discussed in the interview, X comes from a tough upbringing. Originally created to serve as an audible suicide note, The Houston Museum of Natural Science captures the raw emotional struggle that this Houston native faced.  We assure you that X still walks this earth now, though, and we are more than grateful for that. Along with the release of this free album on Potholes Music, expect X to appear on an upcoming interview on the site examining his creative process, personal struggle and more.

Stream and download the album for free above. We couldn’t be more proud of this dude.

back cover houston museum

12 thoughts on “Download X’s Potholes Music Debut ‘The Houston Museum of Natural Science’

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  1. Negro Lord|

    This cat might be the dopest artist I’ve heard in awhile. You can hear the emotion in his voice. Amazing talent

  2. Eternalist|

    That’s why I ended it with “imo… in my opinion”. You have a cultivated style, a nuanced delivery and a clear story to tell. I’m dropping a tape myself next month. I understand the sacrifice that goes into any creative expression and I don’t mean that with condescension. I can hear the Scarface, UGK and myriad of other influences you have in your music. Guru, Bun B, Big L, Nas, Jay Elec, didn’t have “sexy” voices, but they all had distinctive ones. It was not meant to be a damning criticism, merely a constructive critique. Something to consider for your next release. You should note, I also said it’s not a bad thing, as Raekwon is a legend, while Roc Marciano and Quelle Chris are undervalued geniuses in their own regard.
    Roll one up for Chad Butler & chill. A salaam alaikum.

  3. You can never discredit me my man and im grown… I love criticism…. It’s the internet age. I apologize for my voice not being “distinctive” enough for another male to listen. I’ll try sounding “sexier” for you in the future my man. One love

  4. evilpriest|

    He doesn’t exactly care what anyone thinks. He doesn’t make music to impress anyone IMO. It’s a great album for those that listen

  5. Eternalist|

    Not gonna discredit the kid at all. I need to listen to it front to back, but I was expecting a more distinctive voice. He reminds me of Raekwon, Roc Marci and Quelle Chris. Not a bad thing, and I’m glad he doesn’t sound like Young Thug, but he doesn’t have a breakout star voice imo

  6. Damn, this is good.

  7. Charles Mac|

    Instant Classic!

  8. Paula Jenkins|

    Great Album! I listened from Beginning
    To end without skipping. & its not too often
    That happens. AMAZING JOB “X” GOODLUCK

  9. Michael B.|

    The best potholes release yet.
    Stick with this kid, he’s going far in the industry

  10. Best album I’ve heard this year so far. X is what the games been missing

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