Download Swarvy’s New EP ‘Talking Heads’

swarvy talking headsJust because an artist presents something in a direct manner doesn’t necessarily mean that the project itself is direct in any sense of the word. Take Swarvy‘s new EP, Talking Heads, which has six tracks but barely follows the formula you’d assume. The songs on here aren’t structured like you might expect, meaning it’s not, say, one straightforward cut after another. Instead, they build and flip into each other like seemingly scatterbrained ideas, but only on the surface.

Once you dig into Talking Heads, you hear the method to Swarvy’s madness, so to speak. “think” is reminiscent of Exile‘s work on Radio, meaning it sounds like Swarvy flipped a bunch of samples he lifted from his actual radio, noise and all. “topcloud” hypnotizes with a slow-moving, heart beat-like percussion that reminded me of Massive Attack’s “Tear Drop” before all the weird jazz instrumentation works its way into the instrumental. Then there’s “no words”, which actually is just a quick head-nodder at 84 seconds in length. It also flips the same sample Q-Tip used on “Gettin’ Up”. Yeah, the Easter eggs on this thing are pretty nuts.

You can stream/download the EP below.

Purchase/Download: Swarvy – Talking Heads [Bandcamp]

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