Download Shad and DJ T.LO’s New ‘Boarding Pass’ EP

shad-dj-tlo-boarding-passHappy December, everyone. Let’s kick off the final month of 2014 with what’s sure to be one of the better rap listening experiences of the month in Boarding Pass, the brand-new EP from Shad and frequent collaborator DJ T.LO. The two have already made it clear that we’re in for a treat with previous leaks “Always Winnin’,” “Hang On,” and “Knock,” the last of which definitely knocks. Anyway, the best part about this project, aside from the music obviously, is that you can cop it for whatever price you feel like paying. Don’t have funds to throw the duo’s way? That’s fine, just snag it for free and maybe throw a few sheckles their way down the line by seeing them perform or something. I know I’d love to catch ’em live, so here’s hoping they make their way to NC sometime.

You can hear the EP below and download it here.

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