Download: SelfSays – Something Out of Nothing EP

self says Download: SelfSays   Something Out of Nothing EPI first heard/read about SelfSays when D. Allie posted an entry on his blog about the emcee. Besides the fact that D has not let me down both in his own music and others’, I was more than willing to give his friend Self a listen. And damn, am I glad I did. This EP, Something Out of Nothing, is a collection of tracks recorded over the years and for someone who apparently makes music for himself, he’s certainly deserving of any attention he receives. While his somewhat-abstract delivery might turn away some more traditional heads, anyone in the mood for something a little different is sure to love this. It doesn’t hurt that the production on here is fantastic, with the likes of Samiyam and Devon contributing behind the boards. Here’s hoping we hear more from Self as ’09 goes on.

Download: SelfSays – Something Out of Nothing [Mediafire]

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