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We have been featuring tons of AOK material the past few days, but tonight Print takes the stage with his long-awaited Comic Books: Unlimited. In all honesty, I have never been a huge fan of comic books. I dabble, but never would I consider rapping about it (I wouldn’t consider rapping period). Anyway, Print of Good Day Good Night takes his comic book background to the mic in witty fashion with this album, free of charge. Most definitely peep this record and please share your thoughts! Props to Holley Monelle for the linkage…

Download: Print – Comic Books: Unlimited

Hit the skip for full artwork and tracklist…



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  1. Downloaded. Listened. There are comic references here and there but its not all about that.
    Print seems to be a lyricist who really enjoys his craft and really pushes himself. Now, by no shape or form is this album original, its not going to take you down any roads that you havent been before, but the paths he does take you down are just stella, interesting and never ever boring. Print is very very good at creating imagery and atmosphere. This is a very good album, free or otherwise.
    The problem is is making this a free download devalue his music?? On the other hand if no one has ever heard of you who would buy it?? Its the quandry facing all musicians these days, but hopefully Print will be able to garner enough interest to continue doing what he does best.

  2. Wondering why I wasn’t invited to cameo on “Super Friends”.

  3. Man, no hate, but if you make an album about comic books, at least shell out the dough for an actual comic book illustrator to do some comic book art.

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